West Trading BV is your supplier in automotive upholstery fabrics, headliner, vinyl, carpet, foam material and other upholstery supplies.


After 30 years of experience with upholstery fabrics, Henk Westerwal started in 1992 with selling car fabrics on the Kennemerstraatweg in Heiloo under the name:

West Agenturen

Given the small number of suppliers, he thought there was a demand for a small and flexible wholesale in car fabrics.

These fabrics could also be used for furniture purposes.

Over the course of the years the assortment was replenished with vinyl, truck fabrics, van-fabrics, touring car-fabrics, headliner-fabrics, hooding, foam on roll and other necessities for upholstery.

In 1997 Henk's son Pim Westerwal joined the company and the name was changed in October 1999 to:

West Trading V.O.F.

Pim became for 50% owner of the V.O.F.

A warehouse was bought on the Westerweg in Heiloo.

On the 1st of January 2007 the next logical step was to switch to a Ltd. From this date forward the name became:

West Trading B.V.

In September 2008, our new warehouse was realized at the new industrial estate "Boekelermeer Zuid3" in Heiloo.

A second warehouse will be realized mid-2019 to meet the ever-growing demand.

In the meantime we have more than 6000 different car fabrics in stock.

We strive for the most personal approach and delivery possible.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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